The Doctoral ProgramME has established a series of complementary Training Activities (Actividades Formativas AF). Although the specific training of the doctoral student is focused on their Doctoral Thesis topic, this complementary training includes both transversal training and advanced general knowledge of the field of Biotechnology and Genetic Resources, which should facilitate the student to successfully complete a doctorate in the programme.

The Training Activities are related to the specific competences to be acquired by students during the PhD period. They must be carried out by all the doctoral candidates, whether they are full-time or part-time students. 7 types of AF are established:




Minimum required


Research Seminars.


Attendance at a minimum of 10 seminars per academic year.


Participation in congresses


Attendance at least one congress is required during the doctoral period.


Annual meeting of doctoral students


Attendance at the meeting during the three years.


Publication of research articles


At least one article published during the doctoral period.


Complementary training in R&D


Completion of at least one technology transfer course.


Formative stays


It is recommended to do at least one during the doctoral period.


Science outreach activities


Participation in scientific outreach activities is recommended.

The AFs carried out by each student, as well as the reports and certificates related to them, will be collected in the Doctoral student's notebook of activities, which will be supervised by the Doctoral Academic Committee. Each time the student performs a training activity, he/she must record it in his/her notebook, taking into account the data requested for each type of activity and the additional documentation requested for each one. Once a year, at the end of the academic year or when the Annual report is required, the student must send the notebook of activities with the Training Activities carried out to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The annual update must bear the approval (signature) of the Thesis Director.

For the authorization of the Thesis defense, the student must attach the UPDATED and COMPLETE Doctoral Student Notebook of Activities along with his CV and the rest of the documentation required by the Academic Commitee (CAPD).

Among the diverse offer of Training Activities, the CBGP Seminar Program offers periodic seminars that can be attended to cover AF1. Within the AF6, a 24-hour Innovation, Technology Transfer and Biological Safety Course can be taken, which is held every two years and is communicated to all students of the programme by email. However, within the AF6 there is the possibility of attending other transversal training activities such as general training activities of the UPM, courses of the ETSIAAB or Continuous Training activities of the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) of the UPM.


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